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Group discussion; Topic: Artificial Intelligence

In the next 5 to 15 years Artificial Intelligence will emerge as a disruptive force to many areas of our lives. Let’s meet up to discuss the likely emergence of AI, it’s impact and the issues surrounding its evolution.

Pari Passu Passe Pontificators

Pari Passu welcomes you to this discussion on Artificial Intelligence. This is the first discussion in a 5 part series on this topic. The first question we are addressing is….

How do we reconcile the human drive to create efficiencies with the inevitable outcome of irrelevance?

• What is the core source of human’s proclivity to create efficiencies?

• Does the creation of AI mark our greatest creation in our desire to create efficiencies?

• Is the creation of AI beings the anthropomorphic expression of our acknowledged limitations?

• Is this an expression of the ego, or the culmination of a survival mechanism to create

efficiencies? Are they connected? How?

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