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Artist, Anko Chang presents "Second Nature"

As an active artist in L.A. and Taiwan, Anko wants to remix Chinese and Western art through concepts or materials.



Paint has never left Chang's fingers since the age of 4. It stayed to help her communicate what she wants others to see. Chang's artworks often represent her journey to self-discovery as a Taiwanese with an exclusively Western education. Despite growing up in the countryside of Taiwan, Chang studied in an American School located in Kaohsiung, and then UCLA (where both schools use Western curriculum). Unable to fit into true “Chinese” traditions, she lived in a constant state of contradiction.


Using 3 years to graduate UCLA, Chang was on a mission to start her life as an artist as soon as she can. As an active artist in Los Angeles and Taiwan, she discovered her lack of artistic education and influences by the Eastern hemisphere. Therefore, she became interested in cross-breeding and remixing Chinese tradition into Western art through Eastern concepts or materials. For example, in her work After the Storm, feng shui and Chinese ink painting style is remixed with western painting media and the style of Impressionism.


Furthermore, inspired by her surroundings, she expanded into social or political entities that delves into the ties between genders and taboos.

Chang wants to change vulgar concepts into something beautiful, because Art Changes the World.


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